«The 15th International PR-Festival is to take place on April 12, 2017» – Olena Derevianko


Today, Ms. Olena Derevyanko, the Chair of the Organizing Committee and the mastermind of the International PR-Festival, reported the topic and date of this popular professional event. The forum will take place on April 12, 2017, and the program of the 2017 PR-Festival will be devoted to «Communications in the Post-Truth Era».

XIV International PR-Festival is Renowned for its Friendly Atmosphere and Unhackneyed Content


On 14 April, 2016, the Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv, hosted the XIV International PR-Festival «The Art of Dancing in the Rain». The biggest PR-forum of the country traditionally attracted the brightest speakers and the keenest experts working not only for communications.

A PR Expert’s Non-Stop Rush: There is a Way Out


How can a PR expert find spare time for common life, family, hobby or holidays within this multitasking routine? Tony Crabbe – a business psychologist, a writer, and the author of «Busy» international bestseller – will reveal secrets of solving the problem.

Transport Trends: Tesla Steers the Wheel


We live in the age of trends and trendsetters. You can agree or disagree with it but you will hardly be able to change the situation. And is it necessary to? Especially if you see that some trends are real driving forces of progress. One of them will be presented by Nazar Shimone-Davida, a co-founder of Tesla Club Ukraine, at the 14th International PR-Festival.

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