The author of the Constitution of Ukraine is going to attend the Xth International PR-Festival


Viktor Musiyaka, a leading Ukrainian lawyer, Member of Parliament of several convocations, one of the authors of the Constitution of Ukraine, and now the Partner and Mentor of the Law of Policy practical training in LF «Constructive Lawyers», has confirmed his participation in the Xth International PR-Festival.

Andrei Kulikov will hold a round-table discussion at the Xth International PR-Festival


A cult journalist with tremendous professional experience, an expert in media industry, Andrei Kulikov has agreed to become a moderator of one of the Festival events – the round-table discussion «Mazhoritarka» (majoritarian electoral system): Whither goest thou or Political communication in the growing protest mood».

Top industry representatives are invited to moderate the Xth International PR-Festival


The moderator of the main part of the debates of the Xth International PR-Festival will be Elena Fitie - a member of the Ukraine PR-League, one of the best Ukrainian experts in public relations and a recognized expert in the PR industry of the financial market.

Will show and tell – the creators of SAY.TV will take part in the Xth International PR-Festival


Alexei Semenov, the producer of the world's first social television network SAY.TV, has confirmed his participation in the Xth International PR-Festival. A renowned media expert, winner of TEFI award and four «Radiomania» awards, a recent senior manager of «Pervyi Natsyonalnyi» (the First National) TV Channel, will speak on the topic «Social TV networks: we live in a new way now».