New TV Formats: Reality and Prospects Panel discussion «Internet TV – does the life exist out of Maidan?»


During Euromaidan all Ukrainian media has been covering the current events at the «forefront of the revolution.» However, only some were fully in accordance with the ethics of journalism, had managed to fulfil the informational mission, refraining from promotion and imposition of personal opinion to the watching and reading audience. Among such responsible information sources appeared to be, and in particular, Internet TV.

At night all cats are gray? Results of the panel discussion «Fake-epidemic: all shades of gray»


Under conditions when the information space is becoming less objective and more aggressive, it is very difficult not to become a victim of fake epidemic. Ways to develop immunity to the virus of information omnivorousity participants discussed within panel «Fake-epidemic: how to distinguish shades of gray» at the XII International PR-festival. Discussion was moderated by Vice President of Ukrainian PR-League Elena Derevianko.

Retrospective of the XII International PR-Festival. Panel discussion «Test for SM-sincerity: behaviour of politicians in social networks during the crisis»


Can a politician be sincere and frank? And if so, what are the boundaries of this openness? Whether it is possible to believe what politicians say? These and many other similar questions we ask ourselves regularly. But more often – before the next election, when politicians interested in the voices of the electorate, become particularly talkative and generous for promises.

National idea: to be or not to be, that is the question. Section «Political aspect»


The second section of the panel discussion «The National idea for Ukraine» has gathered not less authoritative pool speakers than the previous one. Responsible moderator’s function was entrusted to the famous media manager Igor Levenstein, who noted that it is unlikely to decide global issues within the current panel. However professional audience at least «has the opportunity to listen to the opinions and advice of qualified experts».

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